I was on Michigan NORML's Board for over 13 years. I retired in Sept. 2014 after serving as Treasurer, Treasurer/Exec. Secretary, and ending as Asst. Executive Director.  Find more about MINORML by visiting www.minorml.org

My one goal in this lifetime is to see cannabis (pot, weed, marijuana, etc. and hemp) become lawful in the United States (all 50 states and territories). The many uses of this plant has been shown to be of great value and only the greediness of Big Pharma, Law Enforcement, and Government keeps cannabis from being legally used.

Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

CRMLA (Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol) has joined forces with MILegalize and a few other Michigan groups to put the legalization question on the ballot in 2018. Many hands make light work, if you would like to help or volunteer please find out more about how you can help here at CRMLA. https://www.regulatemi.org/

MILegalize is a grassroots organization working toward the legalization of marijuana. Although the 2016 effort did not bring any rewards, MILegalize is uniting with Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to get the question on the 2018 ballot for the people to decide if we should still take people lives away from them for using a plant. Find more about MILegalize by visiting:   http://www.milegalize.com/


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